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Keeping Fresh: Benefits of Brain Exercises for Seniors

Did you know 40 percent of people over 65 struggle with some form of memory loss?

Although some forms of memory loss are inevitable, there’s no reason why you can’t slow it down. Challenging the mind and performing brain exercises is an excellent way to keep the mind sharp.

Read on to learn about the benefits of brain exercises for seniors.

What Are the Benefits of Brain Exercises for Seniors?

For seniors, keeping their memory sharp helps them feel young and energized. Taking some time out of their day for brain exercises can provide several benefits.

New Outlook on Things

Working on brain exercises is a way for seniors to keep learning. It also helps them put a new spin on things they had learned but forgotten.

To help seniors keep their brains sharp, why not bring back the language they learned in high school but forgotten. Learning a new language, for example, gives them something to look forward to, like traveling to a new country to put their skills to the test.

A Fun Way to Keep Learning

Many people don’t like the idea of learning new information because it seems like a lot of work. However, many mental exercises for seniors make learning fun.

Games such as crossword puzzles, Sodoku, and other similar ones not only keep them entertained, but they also make exercising their brain fun.

Makes Them More Social

As they age, some seniors find it more difficult to make friends, and they get a little lonely. Even if they have family members, it’s nice for them to have friends their age.

Signing up seniors for adult daycare, for example, it’s a great opportunity for them to exercise their mind while staying social. Many of these programs offer group board games that help sharpen the mind.

Additional Tips for Sharpening the Mind for Seniors

Once seniors start performing brain exercises to sharpen their minds, they will see a lot of progress. There are also plenty of other things seniors can do to keep their minds sharp.


When it comes to brain health, nutrition plays an important role. For seniors, nutrition is key to keep their minds sharp and healthy.

While nothing can beat a balanced diet, there are plenty of foods that can increase brain health such as nuts, eggs, salmon, berries, dark chocolate, and more.

Stress Management

At one point or another in our lives, we are bound to deal with stress. For seniors, stress can have more negative effects than younger people.

While all forms of stress are a strain for our health, younger adults can deal with stress in a way seniors don’t.

Seniors tend to stress over the loss of their loved ones, too much time on their hands, declining health, loss of independence, and more. When seniors get stressed they might experience sleep difficulties, anxiety, heart palpitations, etc.

It’s important to help senior family members find ways to manage stress.


Without the proper amount of sleep, seniors will start to see a decline in cognitive function and will feel more stressed than usual. To maintain their brain health, seniors to get a good night’s sleep.

Ensure your senior loved one has everything they might need to get a good night’s sleep like a comfortable bed, blackout curtains, and more.

Social Interactions

As we mentioned earlier, brain exercises benefit seniors because they make them more social. However, many people underestimate the importance of social interactions for seniors.

Humans are social, and they need contact with others to maintain their mental health. As time goes on, seniors will lose their friends, and their circle will get a lot smaller.

To help keep their mind sharp, seniors need to maintain social interactions. Going to a movie, having a game night, or going on a walk with a family member is good things to do with our seniors.


Another way seniors can find a purpose and keep their minds sharp is by turning to spirituality. Spirituality helps seniors find positivity, keep them engaged, and make them feel like there’s something bigger looking out for them.

Brain Exercises for Seniors

There’s a wide variety of brain exercises that can help seniors improve their memory, problem solve and improve cognitive functions. It’s not necessary to purchase fancy brain games for everyday games can make a big difference.

Word Games

With the help of word games, seniors can keep the mind engage and improve their memory. Some of the most common word games include word searches, Sudoku, and crossword puzzles.

Cooking Class

Cooking classes are a great way for seniors to keep their brains sharp since it involves the use of all five senses. During a cooking class, they have to measure ingredients, communication, and interactions with others.

Song Lyrics

If playing Soduko or doing a crossword puzzle is not their cup of tea, seniors can do a more fun exercise like learning song lyrics.

Not only will they be able to sing along to their favorite songs, but they can also sharpen their memory.

Caring for a Pet

Caring for a pet helps seniors alleviate empty nest syndrome and gives them a sense of purpose. Pets need feeding, bathing, and exercise, so staying on top of the needs of their pets, will keep seniors on their toes.


Tending to a garden will also do wonders for seniors’ brains. Not only will spending time outside help them get fresh air, but it will also improve their memory, keep them organized. Tending to plants is also a great stress reliever.

Cranium Crunches

The Cranium Crunches website offers plenty of games that can help improve brain health. This website has a database that includes games to improve memory, aging, and cognitive stimulation.

Time to Bring Brain Health Full-Circle

Now that you know about the benefits of brain exercises for seniors, you will know how to help them. Brain exercises can help seniors be more social, learn in a fun way, and see things in a new way.

Are you looking for ways to improve the quality of life of your senior family member? We can help.

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